Saturday, 8 December 2007

Kachabali .... the Ugandan foreplay

I'm not quite sure about the spelling - but that's how it sounds anyway! Several years ago I learnt of this trick of getting a woman to beg for it while you also ensure she's nicely wet or lubricated, to use a more technical term.

I'm not even sure if this is foreplay - more like sexual outercourse. You're having sex but not really "in".

I'll try to explain it here;

Once the man been granted conjugal (or other rights), he strokes his dick, willy, penis, etc against the woman's vagina. He starts off slowly and as she gets wet, he does it faster - now concentrating on the clitoris. He takes his time and doesn't enter util she's in sheer agony and screams for him. Once he's in the balls are in her court. She may choose to lie back and think of mother Africa or she does her thing with the hips. Now you know why hips where slapped onto women!

This technique is quite useful for our friends with premature ejaculation. It's nothing to be ashamed of - most of us have passed through that phase. The idea is to get the woman to a near orgarsmic level then you do you part. If you then ejaculate prematurely at least she's had her fun.


kau said...
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kau said...

I enjoy Kachabali because it makes my woman come before I do all the time. I enjoy grately when a woman is in the process of coming because that is when she lets loose and the souls connect. Thanks to the inventor of Kachabali

A said...

Hello kau

Thanx for sharing your great experience.

I have also heard of kachabali and would like to learn.

What are the best positions for practicing kachabali?

Should the woman should lay on her back and spread?

Should the man lay beside or above her?

Should they sit facing crosslegged ?


Doreen Abwono said...

I am in Toronto, Canada I was blessed to find a Kachabali man in my city and its all we do the most amazing sex play in the world, once you go that was there is nothing that can satisfy your needs we have been doing it for 8 years and never a dull moments every time we are going to be together we both are excited like teens and that water just explodes like a small river.

Gavin St. Clair said...

Can you please provide some instruction as to how I can COMPLETELY learn this...

Thank you

Gavin St. Clair said...

Can you please provide some instruction as to how I can COMPLETELY learn this...

Thank you